Every modern person man
needs quality products.
After all, a healthy diet is one of the components of a long and happy life.
ТМ “Salsus” always remembers this and always pays attention to the product control.
“Salsus” products are made on the basis of clear compliance with all regulations and quality standards at the highest level. It is craft production that guarantees the creation of truly natural products of the highest quality. The original taste of our meat delicacies is always underscored by the natural ingredients.

ВAll raw materials used to manufacture products, undergoes a thorough expert inspection by hand. At the first stage, the PH level is determined. After that, a special pickling mixture for raw materials is prepared. Meat ripens in specially equipped cold rooms for at least 72 hours. Meat delicacies formation is made on modern German equipment.

At the last stage of manufacturing, meat products come into a specially equipped room for packaging. Preliminary disinfection and vacuum packing can keep the taste and quality at the highest level.

Among control standards of food safety and quality that are taken and certified in the company is ISO quality management system ISO 9001-2001.